Free Full University Online Courses from MIT, Harvard, & Berkeley

Free Online Courses From MIT University

By User: Magicpiano, from Wikimedia Commons


Did you know that you could take courses from some of the best learning institutions around? MIT. Harvard and Berkeley offer FREE full-length online courses. Their Open Courseware catalog features more than 2150 undergraduate courses, which are perfect study aides for high school or college aged kids looking to review for exams. You can stream the courses to a Roku player and watch them from a TV or on the fly.

In addition, other sites also offer free full-length courses: the exact same courses taught on many university campuses. Though they do not provide official college degrees or course credit, they do give certificates of completion.

Visit these sites to learn more: features MIT, Harvard, and Berkeley classes features courses from many esteemed colleges/universities features instructors from excellent universities features video lessons on a wide variety of topics